Hello!, 早晨, 你好, こんにちは, 안녕하세요, Grüß Gott!, مرحبا
The less confident you are, the more serious you have to act.
Tara Ploughman

Pascal Honoré

Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication. ... or, the adventures of an earthling on a quest for the lost shtukas
email: pascal@alseyn.net
github: shtukas
twitter: @0x104
instagram: @0x102

I am a mathematician and software engineer. I worked for large companies (Investment Banks in London and Amsterdam) as well as startups (mostly London). I studied mathematics and computer science in Paris (Université Paris Diderot) and London (King's College London).

Fun facts about me: personal & professional.

Nowadays, I am Studying and practicing the Force at the Guardian.

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